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Welcome to Bingo Site Report

So, you’re new to playing online bingo! If you’d like to know how to get started, and how to choose the online bingo experience you’re looking for, read on. Perhaps you’re an avid online bingo player but want to brush up on your review skills. If so, you’ve come to the right spot. We might be a bit biased, but we think we’re the best online bingo review professionals out there.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be your own specialist when it comes to reviewing online bingo sites, fully equipped with a set of skills to make you a pro. You’ll be able to review bingos so that you never have to question if you’re making the right choice for your  online Bingo experience. 

The Mini-Manual for Reviewing Online Bingo Sites

First, let’s address how to know what to look for when trying to analyze and decide on an online Bingo site. This is the first step. Without knowing what to look for, you’re not setting yourself up for success to have fun, and if you’re not doing that, what’s the point? After all, if Bingo isn’t providing you entertainment, you aren’t doing it right. The goal of reviewing online Bingos is to find the ideal site packed full of games, bonuses, enjoyment, all without pressure. 

So, what exactly is Online Bingo?

If you’ve played Bingo face-to-face with other friends or groups, you’re familiar with the logistics of the game. Online Bingo is just that: the fun land-based game now accessible by an internet-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet.

While there are distinct differences, such as no ink blotter or physical Bingo cards, the rules and experience remain much the same.

The online version of Bingo is a website that allows customers to continue playing Bingo with the hope of winning prizes. While a physical Bingo hall might have specific hours to join, online bingo allows you to access an enjoyable game-of-chance at your convenience.

The entertainment possibilities of online Bingo continue to evolve as technology advances so that it never becomes outdated or antiquated.

By playing Bingo online, you get all the same benefits of physical Bingo, without any of the drawbacks.  

Are all Online Bingos basically Identical?

Online Bingo has several categories: 75 Ball, 75 ball variant, and 90 ball. These are the 3 games that you’ll find on any online Bingo website, and which one you play is primarily up to user preference. Let’s have a quick breakdown of the games, in case you are unfamiliar with them.

75 ball uses a 5×5 grid, each containing a number, and a free center square. In this game, there are 5 ways to win the game: 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines, and 5 lines prizes. This is the most popular online Bingo game in North America.

The variant version of this, 75 ball variant is the most common and popular online bingo game to date. it has the same grid as the 75 ball, but allows for a variety of ways to win. 

Finally, 90 ball Bingo, which is the most popular online Bingo game in the UK, has only 3 prizes to be won: a 1 line, 2 lines, and finally, full house prize. 

There are two distinct versions of how you can choose to play online Bingo: with or without cash prizes. The most popular by far is online Bingo games that provide real cash prizes.  Most online Bingo websites allow for a free 7-day trial, during which you can still win cash prizes. 

The easiest way to play online bingo is by Instant online Bingo. There is no need to download any game, and instead can be played straight from your browser. Oftentimes, there are mobile and desktop versions, which means you can access it from a variety of devices.

Mobile Bingo websites are the newest option for the game and have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is largely due to the advancement of smartphones, as well as the general increase in the size of the portable devices. There are apps that you can download to make it a smoother experience, or you can play directly from your browser as well. When you use the browser version, your phone will need an internet connection such as WiFi or 4G.

Gambling Licenses – What Are They and What Do They Do?

The first thing to check is to make sure the Bingo has a gambling license. You might be thinking – but wait! I’m not gambling, I’m just playing a fun game where I can win prizes. Bingo is considered a form of gambling, and as such needs to have a gambling operating license.

The gambling license governs that the Bingo website, or casino, follows specific rules and regulations. The most important aspect that this ensures is that the odds are not biased or skewed towards you not winning. This ensures not only that the gameplay is fair, but also that your data and private information is not visible, and instead secured by encryption.

A gambling license is vital to Online Bingo, so check to see if they have a UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming. A little less thorough is the Curacao gambling license, which is much less stringent and safe.

The Malta and UK licenses should be what to look for at the bottom of the bingo website.  

Why Online Bingo Terms and Conditions are Important, and What to Look For

One of the biggest tips when reviewing online bingo sites is to read all the terms and conditions. While you might find it a waste of time, it’s absolutely necessary to know the legal responsibilities that the online Bingo website has, and what you are responsible for when playing the game. These details will also include the Bonus terms that you will need to be responsible for knowing. 

Terms and conditions include many things, from what a bonus means, what is required to be able to withdraw your prize money, and any conditions for deposit and withdrawal such as daily limits of each. All of this is vital when deciding which is the best and which is the worst option.

Read over the entirety of the Terms and Conditions, and do not choose a Bingo website that does not include them. Look for any red flags, and make your decision wisely. 

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